Why do I need a Commercial Energy Performance Certificate?

Since 4th January 2009, all new and existing commercial buildings require an EPC when the building is sold or rented. You, as a seller or landlord (under EPC regulation) are responsible for making the EPC available. You should seek expert advice as to whether you need one or not, as there are stringent penalties for non-compliance.


To attain Commercial Energy Performance Certificates, you will require a visit from an energy assessor, who is officially accredited and experienced in EPC assessments. EPCs evaluate the energy-efficiency of a building, based on factors such as analysis of the building design, its fabric and what it is used for, analysis of lighting, heating and air conditioning systems and an analysis of the building’s structure and a measurement of its insulation.  EPCs are given on a sliding scale from A to G; A being the most energy-efficient and G being the least. The Commercial Energy Performance Certificate is also accompanied by a report that recommends steps that can be taken to improve a building’s energy-efficiency.



Paramount Associates Ltd offer fully accredited, multi-skilled energy assessors who are qualified to provide you with an Energy Performance Certificate for your business premises.  Once our energy assessor has made his or her EPC assessments, they will then be in a position to help you improve the energy-efficiency of your building.  Not only will this make you legally compliant, but it could also save your company a lot of money in running costs.


Our multi-skilled energy assessors are also in a position to adapt the accompanying recommendation report in relation to what is most beneficial to you, making you aware of new technologies and systems that can reduce your carbon footprint.


For further information on how to obtain an Energy Performance Certificate for your commercial premises, contact us today.