Why do I need a Residential Energy Performance Certificate?


Government legislation states that “all homes bought, sold or rented require an EPC”.


An EPC is an Energy Performance Certificate and these are used to provide you with information on your property’s energy-use and carbon dioxide emissions, alongside a recommendation report which details, if necessary, how to improve these factors. This is relatively new legislation, brought in as part of the government’s aim to have every home in the UK operating on a carbon-neutral basis and includes the need for Residential Energy Performance Certificates.


Residential Energy Performance Certificates, just like a regular Energy Performance Certificate, carry a grading from A to G – A being the most efficient and G being the least.  An EPC is carried out by an energy assessor and takes into account factors such as loft insulation, cavity walls and heating systems. While this may initially seem like an unnecessary complication, an EPC for rented accommodation can be of benefit to landlords, offering lower running costs which may in turn appeal to those looking for a property that has lower fuel bills, making your property more attractive.


Paramount Associates Ltd are authorised to provide EPC ratings for the residential sale and rental markets. We provide government-approved energy certificates that will tell you how energy-efficient your property is and how you could take steps to improve it.  If you need an EPC for rental properties, contact us today.


Since EPCs were brought in, we have established a large client-base who have benefited from our experience and professionalism.  Our Energy Assessors can provide you with as many EPCs as you require.  Having an EPC for rented accommodation will not only make you legally compliant, but could also save you money in the long-term.