Colin Bell invited to The Queens Garden Party

Paramount Managing Director and Principal Colin Bell has been invited to attend the Queens garden party at Buckinham Palace on 29 May 2012, as he comes to the end of his year of office in his role as National President of the Association of Building Engineers.

About ABE

Founded in 1925 under the name ‘The Incorporated Association of Architects and Surveyors’, the ABE provides the prime qualification Building Engineer, a title that exactly reflects the professional expertise of members and one that is readily understood in the European Union and beyond.

The Association of Building Engineers is the respected voice for Building Engineers and acts to enhance the reputation and profile of the building engineering profession.  In simple terms it’s all about ’Developing Professionals, Sharing Knowledge and Raising Professional Standards’.

Colin stated “it has been an honour and a privilege to be ABE President for a year and I have savoured every moment of it.  To me the best part of being president has been the people part!  Most people who do what we do in our industry, in my experience; are generally nice people who are a pleasure to speak to and deal with, like me they have a sense of humour and they like to see the funny side of things, and don’t take themselves too seriously in life; they are prepared to openly share their professional knowledge and experience with fellow professionals for the benefit of the profession, professionally they are extremely serious about what they do and take great pride in being ‘proud to be professional’.  Personally and professionally I’ve learned so much over the years just chatting with and shooting the breeze with fellow professionals at various events.  As my father used to say ‘we’re learning till the day we’re planted or fried!!  I’ve somehow in my 50 plus years never lost my hunger to learn and improve!”

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