Frequently Asked Questions.

1.  As a cash buyer, do I need a survey?

A.  Yes, most definitely, at the very least to give you peace of mind and to represent your interests.  However, it is not compulsory.

2.  Why do I need a survey?

A. Put simply, to save you money. We frequently identify defects which would cost significantly more than our survey fee to rectify.

3. Having bought a property with a ‘Help to Buy’ scheme, do I need a RICS Valuation to buy out of the scheme or sell my property?

Yes you do. They have a timescale of 3 months, then the Valuation will have to be reviewed and extended.

4.  When buying a new house, do I need a survey?

No, however, however it may be sensible to instruct a ‘Snagging List’ Report, which will list all issues with the new build, for you to liaise with your builder.

5. When buying a property, what level of survey do I need?

It all depends on the age and condition of the property.