Expert Witness Reports

Paramount Associates are often engaged as expert witnesses to resolve building or project disputes. Primarily, we are there to agree the facts and resolve any differences in an impartial and professional way. In addition, we are often required to deal with the courts, assisting the judicial body in establishing and ordering logically the relevant facts and issues to be addressed.


With a wealth of experience and expertise as Chartered Building Surveyors and Chartered Building Consultants, we are able to offer our services as an expert witness in many domestic and light commercial sectors, as well as new-build and refurbishment projects. An expert witness from Paramount Associates Ltd will be fully qualified to assess a situation and make a number of expert witness reports, including Building Surveying and Building Defect Reports.


Building Surveying and Building Defect Reports are a recorded way of managing information, such as structural faults or statements of dilapidations, which can then be used as reference material in the event of a dispute. Expert witness reports are an effective method of ensuring that the facts of a matter remain indisputable. In addition to Building Survey and Building Defect Reports, an expert witness from Paramount Associates can also be employed to undertake expert witness reports in the following disciplines: Project Management, Quality Control, Health and Safety and Insurance Validation and Arbitration.


There’s no need to allow any potential difficulties to reach dispute status. By employing an expert witness from Paramount Associates, you’ll be secure in the knowledge that even the smallest details have been recorded in a fully professional way.


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