Why do I need a Commercial Building Dilapidations Surveys?

The term ‘schedule of dilapidations’ is used to describe the varying degrees of disrepair that a premises or home can fall into. If a building is not properly maintained, it can become damaged or fail with the effect that the value and usefulness of the building might be diminished, either to its owner, or to those occupying it.


When a building is let, either the landlord or the tenant takes on the responsibility to maintain it and a means of identifying what the landlord or tenant may or may not do to the premises is decided upon. Typically this is recorded in the lease. If a building has been damaged and, assuming that action is required, then the first task will be to determine what the breaches are, generally by recording them in a schedule of dilapidations.


Commercial Building Dilapidations Surveys are building surveys that focus entirely on the defects that a building is showing. Surveyors are employed to undertake Commercial Building Dilapidations Surveys, although they can assume other roles if there is a dilapidations claim made. In essence, these building surveys are used to protect both parties involved, by recording the condition of the premises and the repairs that need to be scheduled.


In dilapidations, surveyors are most commonly instructed as advisors. Occasionally, dilapidations claims are taken to court and surveyors may find that their role as an advisor turns into that of an expert witness – or a surveyor may be instructed as an expert witness from the outset.


At Paramount Associates Ltd, we offer fully trained surveyors who can undertake a dilapidations survey on your behalf. Their expertise means they are well versed in the preparation of statements of dilapidations for both landlords and tenants; and are able to negotiate settlements and claims and can offer professional and incisive advice.


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