Commercial Building Condition Surveys

Why Do I Need a Commercial Building Condition Survey?


If you are buying a home, you might expect to take out a full survey, giving details of any defects that the property might have.  Using this information, you could then make an informed decision about the purchase or rental, negotiating on the price, calculating the cost of repairs or looking elsewhere.


As with buying a home, you need to get a full building survey for commercial premises that you are considering purchasing.  It’s vital if you are taking a lease too; you need to know what costs you might face.  And it would be good evidence later if your landlord tries to make you pay for work you don’t think is justified.


A Commercial Building Condition Survey is a building survey that lets you know about any problems the premises might have.  It will usually require the services of property surveyors and structural surveyors to ascertain the condition of the building and determine whether there are any repairs required. If you are leasing new premises, the information provided by this type of building surveying could be significant; many leases state that you maintain the premises in good repair and possibly correct any defects.  This could be an expensive process if you are unaware of the potential faults the building may have.


At Paramount Associates Ltd, we have teams of property surveyors and structural surveyors who are fully qualified in building surveying.  To find out more about a commercial Building Condition Survey or a building survey for a residential building, either call us or email us and one of our friendly staff will be only too happy to help.